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Powerhorse Head

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Powerhorse Head

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The Powerhorse:

There is just no substitute for the warmth, the feel, and the grind of a great all tube bass amp. The Powerhorse features high headroom, versatile controls, and rich tube tone in a compact package. It’s capable of bright and tight clean bass to huge low end and tube breakup, whatever you desire. The EQ is flat when set to noon, and offers great boost or cut at bass-specific frequencies. Passive and Active inputs allow the right gain structure for you instrument.

Controls are: Gain, Bass, MIdrange, Treble, and Volume, which is a post phase inverter master volume that allows you to take the edge off without sacrificing tone, and if you turn it all the way up, it's out of the circuit, giving you non-master volume response.  Sound guys love this knob! A special Vintage/Modern switch configures the preamp from the classic B15 sound to a bigger tone with more bass, more low mids, and the EQ frequencies shifted to more modern tone requirements. On the back panel there’s an impedance selector for 8, 4, or 2 ohms, and a post-output transformer balanced line out with gain control and ground lift, so you can feed the mixing board all that power tube goodness. High input impedance means it’s great for upright bass too!

This amp is handmade and hand wired on turret board construction, one at a time, in Columbia, Missouri.

Available in 50, 100 or 225 watts class AB. Available with KT66 (50 or 100 watt) or KT88 (225 watt) output tubes. 50 watts is a perfect studio amp, 100 is great if you don’t need a ton of stage volume or like a little more dirt in your tone, and 225 is all the power you’ll ever need to own a stage (especially when mated with our super efficient bass cabs)!

This is a custom build!  You choose the colors!  Upon adding an amp to the shopping cart, you'll be asked to choose your tolex, piping, and grill cloth colors. 


50 Watt Head: $1,899

100 Watt Head: $1,999

225 Watt Head: $2,099

Standard headbox material is pine (for light weight!), add $50 for a baltic birch headbox. 

Turnaround time: Please allow 6-8 weeks for the completion of your custom amplifier. 

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  • Completely hand made to order in Columbia, Missouri.

  • You choose the custom colors!

  • Rugged, handwired turretboard construction.

  • All-tube signal path.

  • Super low noise design and construction.

  • American style preamp for classic bass tones.

  • 50-225 watts Class AB.

  • Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, and Volume controls, with Vintage/Modern switch.

  • 8/4/2 ohms impedance selector.

  • Two parallel speaker output jacks.

  • Quiet cooling fan dissipates heat for long tube life.

  • Powerhorse 50-100: 1 12ax7 and 1 12at7 preamp tubes, two or four KT66 ouput tubes, solid state rectifier.

  • Powerhorse 225: 1 12ax7 and 1 12at7 preamp tubes, four KT688 ouput tubes, solid state rectifier.

  • Transformers made in America.

  • Aluminum chassis.