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Warhorse Head

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Warhorse Head

from 1,399.00

The Warhorse: 

A tour of vintage and modern British amp tones!  A Lean channel that explores vintage British chime and drive, it goes from sparkly "Bold as Love" clean to a sweet old school "Back in Black" crunch. A Phat channel that is all about modern gain, saturation and sustain, all the while maintaining touch sensitivity and preserving the tone of your instrument! It excels at super heavy rock sounds. Individual notes ring out with clarity even at high gain settings, and a wide range of tones are possible, from dark and thick to bright and tight. There's a Bright/Normal switch for each channel that cuts the bass and boosts the upper mids for a more modern sound. The amp cleans up extremely well at all gain settings with your guitar's volume knob. It also loves pedals! 

Controls are: Lean Gain, Phat Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Lean Volume, and Phat Volume.  Dual post phase inverter master volumes allow you to take the edge off without sacrificing tone, and if you turn it all the way up, it's out of the circuit, giving you non-master volume response.  Sound guys love this knob!

Our footswitchable tube-driven effects loop is standard!  It has individual send and return controls, and when nothing is connected, you can use it as a subtle gain boost. 

This amp is handmade and hand wired on turret board construction, one at a time, in Columbia, Missouri.

Available in 10 watts Class A, or 20, 50, or 100 watts class AB. Available with El34, KT66, or 6v6 (20 watt) output tubes, just let us know. 

This is a custom build!  You choose the colors!  Upon adding an amp to the shopping cart, you'll be asked to choose your tolex, piping, and grill cloth colors. 

As with all our guitar amps, available as a head or a combo. A 1x12 makes a versatile, lightweight amp you'll reach for first when you get the call.


10 Watt Head: $1,399

20 Watt Head: $1,599

50 Watt Head: $1,899

100 Watt Head: $1,999

Standard headbox material is pine (for light weight!), add $50 for a baltic birch headbox. 

Turnaround time: Please allow 6-8 weeks for the completion of your custom amplifier. 

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  • Completely hand made to order in Columbia, Missouri.
  • You choose the custom colors!
  • Rugged, handwired turretboard construction.
  • All-tube signal path (including our effects loop). 
  • Super low noise design and construction. 
  • Late 60's British inspired preamp for Lean channel, Hot Rodded British preamp for the Phat channel.
  • 10-12 watts Class A single ended (Cathode Biased, no need to bias the output tube!), or 20-100 watts Class AB. 
  • Dual Gain, Dual Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble controls on the 10, Phost Phase Inverter Master on the 20-100, Volume is post phase inverter, when all the way up, amp acts as a non-master volume amp.
  • Dual Bright/Normal switches.
  • All tube buffered effects loop, bypassable by footswtich. 
  • Two button footswitch included. 
  • 4/8/16/ ohms impedance selector.
  • Two parallel speaker output jacks.
  • Warhorse 10: 3 12ax7 and one 12at7 preamp tubes and 1 octal output tube (two 6v6s in parallel single ended available), solid state rectifier.
  • Warhorse 20: 4 12ax7 and one 12at7 preamp tubes, two 6v6 output tubes, solid state recitifier. 
  • Workhorse 50-100: 5 12ax7 preamp tubes, two or four octal ouput tubes, solid state rectifier. 
  • Transformers made in America.
  • Aluminum chassis.