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Workhorse Head

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Workhorse Head

from 1,299.00

The Workhorse:

This amp is our homage to the working guitarist.  We've priced it with working players in mind, as well. 

A compact, simple, effective tool for the player who likes it basic, with nothing getting in the way of your tone. This amp is an extension of your guitar.

Even the 20 has enough power to cut through on any stage (and with any drummer).

It's a perfect pedal platform, or you can use it as a "crank it and go" extension of your guitar, controlling all those lovely shades of clean to overdrive with your guitar's volume knob. Peg the Gain and clean it up from your guitar! 

It has a mid 60's American inspired preamp giving a wonderful range of clean into dirty tones that take on a British flavor as you crank it up, a responsive tone stack, and tons of touch sensitivity ("feel").

An incredible amp for blues, rock, or country, and also a perfect platform for pedals

Controls are: Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume, and a Lean/Phat switch that changes the low end and gain structure. 20-100 models feature a post phase inverter master Volume. 

The basic Workhorse features our 10 watt singled ended Class A, cathode biased output stage using any octal power tube under 30 watts (we prefer a KT66!) and a 5y3 tube rectifier.  You can also run a pair of 6v6s in parallel single ended as well, just ask us and we'll include a second octal socket!

The Workhorse 20 has more power and clean headroom than the 10 watt version, and as you go up in power, the headroom increases. That means more available low end, and a creamier, smoother crunch when cranked in the 20-100 watt versions.  

The higher wattage amps feature our loud and clear push pull output stage via two 6v6s or KT66s, which yields great headroom for clean tones, and smooth dirty tones.  Our excellent post phase inverter master Volume allows you to take the edge off without sacrificing tone, and if you turn it all the way up, it's out of the circuit, giving you non-master volume response.  Soundguys love this knob. 

This amp is handmade and hand wired on turret board construction, one at a time, in Columbia, Missouri.

This is a custom build!  You choose the colors!  Upon adding an amp to the shopping cart, you'll be asked to choose your tolex, piping, and grill cloth colors. 


10 Watt Head: $1,299

20 Watt Head: $1,499

50 Watt Head: $1,799

100 Watt Head: $1,899

Standard headbox material is pine (for light weight!), add $50 for a baltic birch headbox. 

Byron Amps Reverb is an optional add on for $200.

Effects Loop is an extra $100. 

As with all our guitar amps, available as a head or a combo. 1x10 makes a versatile, lightweight amp you'll reach for first when you get the call.

Turnaround time: Please allow 6-8 weeks for the completion of your custom amplifier. 

Note: Cabinet Simulated Output is an option we no longer offer. Custom Series Upright 2x12 cabinet sold separately. 


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  • Completely hand made to order in Columbia, Missouri.
  • You choose the custom colors!
  • Rugged, handwired turretboard construction.
  • All-tube signal path (including our effects loop and reverb add ons). 
  • Super low noise design and construction. 
  • Mid 60's American inspired preamp.
  • 10-12 watts Class A single ended (Cathode Biased, no need to bias the output tube!), or 20-100 watts Class AB. 
  • Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble controls on the 10, Phost Phase Inverter Master on the 20-100, Volume is post phase inverter, when all the way up, amp acts as a non-master volume amp.
  • Lean or Phat mode switch.
  • 4/8/16/ ohms impedance selector.
  • Two parallel speaker output jacks.
  • Workhorse 10: 1 12ax7 preamp tube and 1 KT66 output tube (two 6v6s in parallel single ended available), 5y3 rectifier tube.
  • Workhorse 20: 2 12ax7 preamp tubes, two 6v6 output tubes, solid state recitifier. 
  • Workhorse 50-100: 2 12ax7 preamp tubes, two or four KT66 ouput tubes, solid state rectifier. 
  • Transformers designed by Byron, made by Heyboer in America.
  • Aluminum chassis.