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Again! Again!

2019-05-15 20.27.36-1.jpg
2019-05-15 20.27.36-1.jpg

Again! Again!

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Again! Again!

Delay is honestly our favorite effect. So when it came to releasing a delay pedal, it had to meet our high standards. The Again! Again! is simple, toneful, and versatile. It’s a digital delay with an analog voice, meaning that the repeats degrade in a dark, lo-fi way that’s pleasing to the ear for those of us whose preferences lie on the vintage side. It can handle a huge amount of input signal without distorting, as well.

Mix controls the ratio of wet to dry signal, Time controls the length of the delay, and Echoes controls how many repeats, from one to a wonderful self-oscillating runaway feedback.

Small form factor for those concerned about pedal board space!

Handmade for you in Columbia, MO!

The Again! Again! is our Pedal of the Month for September, and we will be taking pre-orders throughout the month.

Once the month is over, we will build the pedals in the following weeks and ship them, and the price will return to $199 for the rest of the year, so order now!

  • Mix, Time, and Echoes controls

  • Standard 9v power input

  • True bypass (no tone loss)

  • Super bright LED

  • High quality components throughout

  • Built to last a lifetime

  • Handmade in Columbia, MO, one at a time.