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Blood Drive


Blood Drive

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Blood Drive:

The words “transparent overdrive” get thrown around a lot these days, but in reality a lot of those pedals still put quite a stamp on the tone of your rig. The Blood Drive is a TOTALLY transparent medium gain overdrive pedal with three band active EQ.

It can be set for a nice clean boost, or a great rock (or country rock!) crunch with plenty of output volume, but the real star of the show is the EQ section, which is more like what you’d find on an analog mixing console than a typical guitar pedal. It’s powerful enough to make the Blood Drive sound like almost any other overdrive, with tons of boost or cut on each frequency available. All the while, it preserves the tone of both your guitar and your amplifier, or any pedals that it’s stacked with.

It has plenty of low end and works really well on bass!

The breakup character is very natural and just a bit compressed while still maintaining a dynamic feel.

Handmade for you in Columbia, MO!

The Blood Drive is our Pedal of the Month for , and we will be taking pre-orders throughout the month.

Once the month is over, we will build the pedals in the following weeks and ship them, and the price will return to $199 for the rest of the year, so order now!

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  • Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, and Gain controls

  • Standard 9v power input

  • Capable of clean boost to medium drive

  • 3 Band active EQ provides very powerful tone shaping

  • Dynamic and cleans up well from the guitar

  • True bypass (no tone loss)

  • Super bright LED

  • High quality components throughout

  • Built to last a lifetime

  • Handmade in Columbia, MO, one at a time.