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Green Concussion

2019-02-24 18.44.07.jpg
2019-02-24 18.44.07.jpg

Green Concussion


Green Concussion:

David Gilmour of Pink Floyd often takes a classic three knob fuzz and stacks it with an overdrive pedal to smooth it out and most importantly, to boost the midrange to better cut through the mix of a live band.  If you are a fan of these great pedals, you know that your guitar often disappears when the other instruments kick in!  The Green Concussion is our take on the awesome Russian version of this pedal, with an added Punch knob that boosts the midrange perfectly to simulate a stacked overdrive pedal, so you can get those tones in one box.  Transistors have been hand selected for gain and to add just the right amount of smoothness.  

Gain sets your overall amount of fuzz, Tone sweeps the sound from bright and tight to dark and bassy, Punch boosts the mids, and Volume makes it louder. 

This pedal is perfect for singing leads, super heavy riffs, and genres like stoner rock and doom.  It also works well for a lot of other fuzz tones as well, it's very versatile.  

Handmade for you in Columbia, MO!

Turnaround time: Please allow 6-8 weeks for the completion of your custom pedal.

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  • Gain, Tone, Punch, Volume Controls

  • Punch knob boosts the midrange

  • Mid boosted tones simulated a stacked overdrive

  • Capable of classic fuzz to a smoother, mid boosted tone that cuts through

  • Tone and Punch knobs give a wide range of tone shaping

  • True bypass (no tone loss)

  • Super bright LED

  • High quality components throughout

  • Built to last a lifetime

  • Handmade in Columbia, MO, one at a time.